Garden sheds linked to higher productivity

A recent study has linked people who own a garden shed to be more productive at home and at work. People who own a garden shed are, according to one recent study, more likely to be relatively better organized than those with out. Having a more efficient storage system means things can be stored in a way that promotes better time management.

Garden sheds are storage facilities which usually not more than a few metres in length and width, located in residential backyards and used to house gardening equipment. Those who choose to invest in a garden shed are more likely to be individuals who invest resources in time saving and more efficient methods in their private life and in their work.

Garden sheds increase in popularity

Garden sheds are increasingly becoming more prevalent in New Zealand backyards. The increase in demand for gardens sheds can be attributed to house holds dedicating more of their time and resources to cultivating vegetable patches and the increase in size of lawn maintenance equipment.

New Zealand households are increasingly turning to growing fruit and vegetable patches. This increase in home grown vegetables has lead many households to increase their gardening equipment, which has meant more households have required a garden shed to hold their yard tools.

Lawn mowers are following a common trend they are increasing in size. Consumers who purchase larger mowers need a to house them. Garden sheds are increasingly being purchased to store lawn mowers.

The growth in garden sheds will continue to increase as more households decide to grow their own vegetables and more property owners with lawn mowers purchase bigger models.

Garden sheds increase in demand

The New Zealand garden shed market is growing and if common trends hold looks to increase further. Factors which are attributing to garden sheds increase in popularity are the efficiency perceived to be attached with owning a gardening shed as well as the increase in households growing their own vegetables.

A recent survey suggests that the increase in the garden shed popularity can be partly attributed to consumers perceiving them as ways of increasing their time management and overall efficiency.

New Zealanders are increasing their personal resource allocation to growing their own fruit and vegetables. With this increase in home growing comes the increase in gardening tools and the space required to store said equipment.

These two factors are combing to increase the demand and popularity for backyard garden sheds, if current trends continue garden shed sales will be expected to increase.