Steel Garden Sheds

Ultimate Steel Garden Sheds and Pump Sheds

Sheds NZ’s Ultimate Steel Garden Sheds are designed to be the ultimate in strength, durability and convenience.  Manufactured from appropriately treated timber means they are built to last. Sturdy 70mm x 45mm framing provides strong construction and two rows of dwangs gives you somewhere to attach tools and shelves.  Building paper under the roof cladding takes away drips to allow a dry, condensation free interior.

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Structurally Strong
Our sheds are built to last, with 70mm x 45mm timber framing walls and two rows of dwangs to ensure strength and durability.
All Ultimate Garden Sheds come with baseboards, we also have timber and concrete floor options available.
All Ultimate Garden Sheds range are clad in durable Zincalume or Coloured Steel.
Rust and condensation free, our sheds come with building paper under the roof cladding to reduce moisture in the interior.
Superior in design
  • Ample space to hang tools, Ultimate Garden Sheds come with two rows of framing, giving you space to hang your tools or setup shelves.
  • Clad in Zincalume or colour steel to match existing buildings or blend in with the garden.  You choose.
  • Prefabricated walls, pre-hung doors and the use of tek screws rather than rivets means our Steel Garden Sheds can be erected from kitset in a few hours depending on size.
  • Easy shed access, our sheds come with wide fully opening doors.
  • Fully flashed for weatherproofing.
  • Stable doors can also be fitted to our Ultimate Garden Sheds.
  • Ultimate Garden Shed options include: benches, skylights, spouting and installation.

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