Heritage Style Stable Block

Heritage Style Stable Block



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Sheds NZ Stables offer exceptional quality and are based on a modular design which allows for an interchangeable bay configuration to suit. Choose the number and size of bays you require. Open bay for wash area and daytime horse area. Horse stall bay includes single antiweave 1.2m wide hinged galvanised steel frame gate. Bays are lined in sturdy 17mm treated plywood. Partition walls at 2.1m high with plywood upto 1.2m and bars above separate the bays. An enclosed bay with a lockable roller door for storage of horse float can be added and a bay can be set up for tack or feed storage.

All our stables are constructed using appropriately treated timbers and top quality zincalume or coloured steel cladding for the roof and external walls. Roof flashings provide weather proofing and a neat appearance. The square post construction means they’re easy to assemble and have a neat finish. Options include board and batten cladding. Detailed building plans and engineer’s producer statement are supplied for building consent approval.

5 Bay Stable

5 Bays


Custom Stable Row

Custome Stable Block

Custom Stable Block

Custome Stable

Custom Stable

All prices exclude GST and freight and are for kitset only.Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.Please contact us for a detailed quotation.
Stable Type Supermoth Pharlap Sunline Cardigan Bay Waikari Charisma Kiwi Christian Cullen
Number of Bays 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Width x Depth (m) 3.5×4.0 7.0×4.0 10.5×4.0 14.0×4.0 3.5×3.6 7.0×3.6 10.5×3.6 14.0×3.6
Height (Front/Back) (m) 3.0/2.7 3.0/2.7 3.0/2.7 3.0/2.7 2.8/2.5 2.8/2.5 2.8/2.5 2.8/2.5
Stable Bays with Partitions Gates & Plywood Linings – Prices exclude GST
Colour Steel $7,120 $10,360 $14,890 $18,810 $6,700 $9,920 $13,790 $18,570
Zincalume $6,650 $9,9710 $14,000 $17,780 $6,240 $9,320 $13,010 $17,740
Ply & Batten Coloured Roof $7,470 $10,920 $15,430 $19,610 $7,060 $10,440 $14,410 $19,660
Ply & Batten Zinc Roof $7,330 $10,640 $15,020 $19,100 $6,860 $10,170 $14,030 $19,250
Stable Bays with Plywood Lining, 1 gate and 1 tack/feed room bay- Prices exclude GST
Colour Steel Cladding N/A $9,260 $13,370 $17,710 N/A $8,790 $12,660 $17,360
Zincalume Cladding N/A $8,470 $12,340 $16,550 N/A $8,070 $11,750 $16,410
Ply & Batten Coloured Roof N/A $9,820 $13,910 $18,510 N/A $9,320 $13,290 $18,450
Ply & Batten Zinc Roof N/A $9,400 $13,360 $17,860 N/A $8,910 $12,780 $17,910
Tack Room – Prices exclude GST
Colour Steel N/A $1,552 $1,552 $1,552 N/A $1,527 $1,527 $1,533
Zincalume N/A $1,417 $1,417 $1,4170 N/A $1,398 $1,398 $1,413
Options to go with the above stables
Canopy (600mm) Spouting Skylight
A range of standard designs allow an economical stable to meet most requirements.
Exterior cladding can be coloured steel, zincalume, or plywood and batten for that traditional stable appearance.
“L” or “U” shape stable complexes along with closed in heritage barns with ‘pop’ top roofs available.
Shed Conversions
Dividing walls, stable gates, and yard gates sold separately.
Full installation service from council consent to erecting your new stable yards and gates, or converting your existing barn available. Please for more information.
Charged at cost and delivered to your nearest freight depot.
Approximately 2 weeks from placing of order. Please for details.
Coloured Steel Colours
To choose your colour, please click HERE
Note: The colours shown on monitor are for your reference only. There is likely some difference between the colour chart on monitor and the real material. Please enquire specialist from NZSTEEL before you make a decision.

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