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Sponsorship for the South Island Dressage Championship 2014

Sheds NZ was proud to sponsor the South Island Dressage Championships 2014, hosted by Canterbury Dressage. The Championship attracted entrants from all over the South Island and were held at the South Island’s premier National Equestrian Centre on 23 – 26 January 2014.



Sponsorship for the Pavilion Project in Bourail, New Caledonia by the Pacific War Veterans Charitable Trust

The Pacific War Veterans Charitable Trust (PWVCT)  launched a campaign to raise $65,000 towards the Pavilion Project as a present to the people of Bourail, New Caledonia. This was in recognition of New Zealand’s appreciation to the people Bourail for their recognition of New Zealand’s effort during the WWII and the continuing respect for the NZ Military Cemetery and the people it commemorates, Sheds NZ takes the pride in this sponsorship.
The pavilion is a 48m x 28m pole and rafter designed building which will was presented to the people of Bourail, New Caledonia. It is used for a variety of community uses consistent with fairs and events associated with a rural community and each year used as a stable for the annual Trade Fair of Agriculture and Craft, Which is the largest rural event of the year in New Caledonia. The pavilion is located at the local A&P showground which was the campsite of 20,000 New Zealanders during the war.
All the materials and services were sourced from New Zealand and transported to New Caledonia.
Sheds NZ undertook the responsibilities of the project management and construction of the Pavilion.
New Caledonia is New Zealand’s closet neighbour.
New Caledonia was the launching pad for the War in the Pacific, the closest place the Second World War came to New Zealand.
Over 500 New Zealanders are buried or commemorated in the NZ War Cemetery at Bourail.

Private tours are run by The Pacific War Veterans Charitable Trust to New Caledonia to visit the area and take part in the 2 ANZAC DAY commemoration Ceremonies. Visit  www.anzactour.co.nz for information on the 2018 tours.


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