So You Want A Shed, please click on the following FAQs to see the answers.

  • Can I build a farm shed and live in it?
    Yes, if you build the shed to habitable building standards.
  • The difference between a habitable building and a farm shed?
    A habitable building is designed to have people live in it and comes under a more stringent building code than a farm building. Farm buildings are generally built for storage of stock feed or machinery.
  • Do I have to install spouting on a farm shed?
    Depends on location of the shed on the property and local council requirements. More and more councils are insisting that stormwater has to be disposed of to soak holes or similar.
  • How far off the boundary does a farm shed need to be?
    Depends on setback requirements of local councils.
  • How can I get a quote as much as what I need?
    The more specific information we have, the more accurate the quote can be given. Please answer following questions to help us give a closer quote to meet your needs.
    completing the following.
    1/ How big? Width x Depth
    2/ What size bay width? 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m.
    3/ What size front wall/eave height do you require? 3.0, 3.6m, 4.2m, 4.8m, 5.4m
    4/ What is the snow loading for the location?5/ What is the wind loading for the location?

    6/ What is the earthquake Zone?

    7/ What is the corrosion zone?

    8/ What is the ground bearing capacity?

    9/ Do you want poles supporting the roof or clearspan rafters?

    10/ What cladding do you prefer?

    11/ Do your require building paper under the roof cladding?

    12/ Do you require translucent roof panels?

    13/ Do you require translucent wall panels?

    14/ Do you require closed in bay?

    15/ Do you want a roller door?

    16/ Do you want a pedestrian access door?

  • What’s your process if I want to buy a farm shed?
    The process includes Initial Contact – Site Visit(if required) – Quotation Acceptance – Building Consent Application(optional) – Installation(optional).
  • What do I need to provide for the initial contact?
    Your initial contact with Sheds NZ, whether it be in person, on paper, or electronic, should provide you with a range of ideas and innovative products for your property. Options to be considered initially are:
    – Size of the shed : number of bays, their depth, width and height;
    – Cladding: zincalume or coloured steel;
    – Enclosed bays, front canopy, doors, or internal walls;
    – Building paper, translucent panels, spouting;
    – Concrete floor to how many bays;
    – Kitset or fully installed shed;
    Friendly, experienced sales staff will seek to understand your needs, then based on what you’ve told them, they will suggest a solution that meets your needs.
    Once we understand which product you most prefer, we will make arrangements for a consultant to visit your property if needed. This is termed a “site visit”.
  • What is a site visit about?
    Our consultants are trained in the  technical aspects of our business. The purpose of visiting your property is to establish if the shed you have selected will in fact be compatible with your property. The following factors may need to be considered:
    – Site is level and clear;
    – Composition of site soil regarding post hole boring;
    – Distance of site from boundaries;
    – Position of site relative to other buildings;
    – Position of site relative to wind and sun;
    – Wind zone and snow loading of site;
    – Site access;
    Once our consultant has fully established the above facts and a few other details, he or she will then send a detailed quotation to you. At this stage we will know which product best suits your needs and the application.
  • What do I need to do if I’m satisfied with the quote?
    Your quotation should arrive to you within a week of the site visit. If you accept what we have detailed in our quotation, we ask that you complete the quotation acceptance form which will arrive with your quotation. A deposit of 20% will need to be made to secure your order. You can either call us with your credit card details, send us a cheque or make payment directly to us in our showroom.
    Once a deposit is secured by us, detailed plans are drawn up and an engineer’s producer statement is obtained. This process normally takes two weeks with standard plans but may take longer if the shed is customised or changes are made to the initial design. The plans and producer statement are supplied to you to attach to your building consent application.
  • Do I need to apply for a consent to build a farm shed? How long will it take?
    All new farm sheds installed in New Zealand must have a building consent. You will need to complete a building consent application form which can be obtained from your local council. We can assist you with this or can complete and process the application on your behalf.
    Councils process these applications in the order they are received and depending on the council involved and their backlog of work, four to six weeks usually elapses before a building consent is granted. During this time, we order the materials required for the shed and pre-cut the shed ready for distribution or installation. If we are installing the shed, we place the job into our work schedule so that once consent is issued, we are ready to commence installation as soon as possible after consent is given.
  • Can you help if I need more detailed information?
    Of course! Any questions, just give us a call or flick us an email, you will always get an answer. Remember we’re here to help!

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