Deluxe Timber Garden Sheds

Structurally Strong
Our sheds are built to last with 70mm x 45mm timber framed walls.
Added protection from the elements, sheds come with steel spouting and dropper.
Timber and concrete floor options available.
Easy access – our sheds have wide fully opening doors and can even have stable doors attached.
Extra coverage – verandas are available to enhance your garden shed with extra protection against the elements.
Efficient Storage – keep your garden tools and your outdoor recreational gear stored effectively. Our interior framing allows for benches, shelves and hooks to be installed and used with ease.
Rust and condensation free –  our sheds come with building paper to reduce moisture in the interior.

Upgrade to ColourSteel Maxx and full stainless steel hardware for coastal areas for added rust protection.

Visually Enhancing
Enhanced illumination –  translucent roofing panels add natural interior lighting.
Blend In – Coloured Steel and Zincalume roof options mean your shed match the rest of your property.
Our Deluxe Timber Garden Sheds can also be stained or painted or leave as is for that weathered look.

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